The fifth biennial conference in honor of the legacy of Urie Bronfenbrenner convened a panel of leading researchers  who emphasized the strongest interdisciplinary research on the consequences of paternal and maternal incarceration for children. The conference’s overarching goal is to strengthen the connections between research, policy, and practice in the area of collateral consequences of mass incarceration for children. 


Presentations included: Mass Incarceration Opening remarks-Chris Wildeman; Sociological and Demographic Insights –Anna Haskins and Kristin Turney;Criminalogical Perspectives on Parental Incarceration –Sara Wakefield and Robert Apel; Developmental and Family Perspectives- Julie Poehlmann?Tynan & Joyce Arditti;Programs for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Mothers- Danielle Dallaire and Rebecca Shlafer; Interventions for Currently and formerly Incarcerated Fathers-J. Mark Eddy; Interventions for Children of Incarcerated Parents-Derrick Gordon; How Alternatives to Incarceration Could Affect Child Wellbeing- Signe Hald Andersen; Should We Be Intervening Solely on the Basis of Incarceration? Lonnie Berger.


In 2017, the American Psychological Association will publish a volume focusing on proceedings from this conference, edited by Chris Wildeman, Anna Haskins, and Julie Poehlmann-Tynan.  Click here for Youtube Clips of each presentation.