The 2016 See Us Support Us Campaign closed last week. We were amazed at the support across the country in response to this public awareness initiative spearheaded by the Osborne Association in NY.

NRCCFI would like to encourage everyone to continue to look for opportunities to spread the ideas  that See Us Support Us began : Children with incarcerated parents are not one group-there are themes and variations in their lives; Honor their resilience-viewing them only through a lens of risk factors increases the stigma and shame they must live with; Words Matter- how we talk about children and their families has a major effect on how they cope and on policies and practices that could help them; and listen to their stories-they are the experts.

We will continue to send out messages throughout the year to provide those working in the field with more information and ideas for raising awareness and garnering support for children with incarcerated parents 365 days a year. Read November’s message