See Us Support Us 2021 NRCCFI will focus on strategies for engaging college age youth and college campuses in SUSU advocacy efforts.

This October, NRCCFI will join The Osborne Association and other nationwide partners in the See Us Support Us initiative to raise awareness about and increase resources for children impacted by the criminal legal system. This year’s focus will continue the 2020 SUSU conversation on educational environments as supports for children and families. We will also extend the reach by looking at specific strategies for engaging college age youth and college campuses in SUSU advocacy efforts by creating an Advocacy Toolkit for College Programs. Please let us at NRCCFI know if you have ideas for programs, policies, practices, initiatives or events that are designed to engage college age youth and adults or college campuses in advocating for understanding and responding to the needs of children with incarcerated or criminal justice involved parents by emailing us


AND, learn more by joining the See Us, Support Us conversation:

► Download the #SeeUsSupportUs Social Media Guide and learn tips for supporting young people’s learning and development, creating affirming spaces, and involving incarcerated parents in educational planning.

► Understand and gain tools to respond to young people’s unique concerns

related to having an incarcerated parent during COVID-19.

► Reimagine school safety without police and learn about efforts to safeguard

children at the time of a parent’s arrest.

► Visit to access resources, celebrate young people,

engage in calls to action, and sign up for events.

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► If you are affected by parental incarceration, enter the SUSU Art contest,

join the SUSU Youth team & contribute creative content. Learn more at