The Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services will publish the Maryland Caregivers Guide for those caring for children impacted by incarceration.

This Guide was created by NRCCFI for and in collaboration with Maryland parents, relatives and non-relative caregivers who are living with children who have or had parents or significant family members in prison or jail.

NRCCFI can contract with programs and state agencies to provide technical assistance in creating a Caregivers Guide for your State or agency.

Training & Technical Assistance

NRCCFI provides over 30 years of relevant and effective training and technical assistance to programs serving children and families of the incarcerated. Options include a variety of formats and structures as well as content that is directly informed by the needs and concerns of those impacted by the criminal justice system: the children, caregivers, incarcerated parents and service delivery providers.

NRCCFI Training & Technical Assistance Objectives

To provide information about:

  • Including families in defining the problems and designing the solutions
  • Assessing and addressing the impact of incarceration on children, families and communities
  • Supporting staff in understanding
  • Family dynamics in families and typical feelings of children impacted by incarceration
  • The impact of race, class and ethnicity on children and families involved in the Criminal Legal System
  • The importance of self-reflection and insight related to reactions and perspectives on families involved in the criminal justice system; and
  • Strategies for responding to the needs of the children, their parents and families.


New Technical Assistance

Caregiver Guides for States and Organizations

This technical assistance package includes:

  • Assistance with formation of a caregiver advisory group
  • Interagency collaboration on caregiver guide development
  • Facilitation of focus groups
  • Creation of a Caregiver Guide

To find out more about NRCCFI technical assistance , please contact us.

 Onsite Trainings