If only you knew (2021)

During the winter of 2021, the U.S. Dream Academy brought together six young people committed to social justice, who gathered weekly to discuss how to help other young people who grew up in similar circumstances to their own – parental incarceration. Their purpose was to help heal, to educate, and to advocate for change in their community.

This visual podcast is the result of their work together.

There are 6 episodes led by directly impacted young people who transparently share their stories. Season 1/Episode 1 interviewed NFL star Kenny Clark who’s father was incarcerated when he was nine. Clark expressed how the 55-year sentence of his father completely changed the dynamic of his family. Through visitations and phone conversations Kenny Clark senior made sure to maintain a constant relationship with all of his children. This interview provides first hand accounts of how children with incarcerated parents are impacted at a young age. It is the first in a series on this podcast which promises to shed a light on the realities of youth impacted by our criminal legal system and the devastation it causes.
Two episodes include interviews with psychologist, Dr. Angela Charlton, who provides advice on having difficult conversations with parents and Dr. Whitney Hollins, educator, author and child of a formerly incarcerated father.
Podcast can be accessed at the website https://ifonlyyouknew.live/#!/podcast