Head Start/Early Care & Education: Responding to Young Children of Prisoners and Their Families: CD Description

Length: 90 minutes Type: telephone training Trainer: Ann Adalist-Estrin, NRCCFI at FCN Director Date: 1/18/05 Cost: $75 Synopsis: This training provides practical strategies for responding to children of prisoners, communicating with caregivers and engaging the incarcerated parent. Specific recommendations for classroom practice and administrative policy are given. An estimated 2.3 million children have a parent in prison or jail in the US. Early care and education programs including Head Start programs are uniquely poised to address the needs of the youngest of these children. Presented by Family and Corrections Netowrk, this live interactive event focused on: The needs of infants, toddlers and preschoolers with an incarcerated parent. The impact of parental incarceration on early development Assessment of risks and protections The role of early care and education professionals in supporting young children of prisoners and their families Personal assumptions and attitudes that influence reactions to children of prisoners