Mentoring Children of Prisoners:  How Research Can Guide Practice: CD Description

Length: 100 minutes Type: workshop Trainer: Denise Johnston, M.D., Director of the Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents and co-author, with Katherine Gabel, of Children of Incarcerated Parents. Date: 9/22/04 Cost: $75 Synopsis: This workshop examines mentoring as a developmental intervention. It explores how mentoring works.  Current research on the effects of mentoring is reviewed and applied to prisoners’ children. “I walked away from the training excited about what we are doing well, and with a clear understanding of what we need to improve. It was so valuable, I will be purchasing the CD to have other staff and board members hear it too.” – Daryl Reese, Executive Director, MentorKids USA WHAT IS THE LATEST EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON MENTORING?  What does this research tell us about mentoring children of prisoners? In this workshop, BEST PRACTICES in mentoring are discussed.  Common obstacles to successful mentoring are identified.  The presenter examines the relative effectiveness of mentoring for low- and high-risk populations and explains why mentor programs for children facing multiple risks may be the most effective – but may also risk the greatest harm. The workshop provides DETAILED RECOMMENDATIONS from the Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents on mentoring for children of prisoners, including: Recommended Practices for Mentoring Children of Prisoners -Statements of purpose -Staffing -Family involvement Recommended Research-Based Elements of Program Design for Mentoring for Children of Prisoners -Mentor commitments -Mentor recruitment & screening -Mentee assessment -Mentor training -Mentor & match supervision -Closure of the mentoring relationship