When the Parent Comes Home: The Impact of Parental Parole on Mentoring Children of Prisoners Programs: CD Description

Length: one and half hours Type: audio conference Trainer: Ann Adalist-Estrin, NRCCFI at FCN Director Date: 10/26/06 Cost: $75 Synopsis: This telephone training is designed as a group discussion to explore the issues that arise for mentoring Children of Prisoner Programs when  parents return from prison. The following questions sparked conversation , identified  concerns and highlighted helpful practices. 1.What are some typical reactions to the homecoming? For the child? The caregiver? The Paroled Parent? The Mentor? 2.How can Mentors best help their mentee in the adjustment process? 3.What is the impact of parental homecoming on the match? 4.How are homecoming issues dealt with  in the match support Process? 5.What types of policies and practices have organizations developed to support everyone involved in the homecoming process?