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Children with Incarcerated Mothers, Separation, Loss, and Reunification (2021)

  • Editors Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, Danielle Dallaire
  • Examines typical births during incarceration in contrast with mother and child benefits of prison doula programs.
  • Explores maternal substance abuse, the criminal justice system, and children’s protective services.
  • Discusses residential drug treatment and supervision mandates and their effects on mother-child separation.
  • Addresses child separation from incarcerated mothers and the ongoing effects following family reunification.

Responding to Children and Families of Prisoners: A Community Guide

Authors Ann Adalist-Estrin and Jim Mustin issue a call to action for communities across America. A distinguishing myth from reality, this new publication describes the serious risks facing families and children of prisoners and the protective factors that help them survive. It lays out choices and challenges facing communities seeking to respond to families of prisoners, lists resources and outlines strategies for action.
Electronic Version: $16.50



This research blog is written by Julie Poehlmann-Tynan and highlights current research updates and insights on Children with Incarcerated Parents. It is frequently monitored and updated by her students and colleagues accordingly.
Kids With Incarcerated Parents.

Shadows: Children, Families and the Legacy of Incarceration

A film by Tova: Artistic Project for Social Change

Many of you have been in the audience for performances of Holding Up: A New Prison Legacy at conferences around the country. Now, a film version is available from NRCCFI at Rutgers University–Camden. This is a powerful training film, bringing the voices and realities of the children with incarcerated parents, their caregivers, and their incarcerated parents out of the shadows of anger and pain and into the light of healing and forgiveness. A must-see for anyone working with incarcerated fathers, their children, and their caregivers.
Film: $30, includes postage and handling