The growing number of children with an incarcerated parent represents one of the most significant collateral consequences of the record prison population in the U.S.
-The Sentencing Project, 2009

This fact has lead communities, and agencies to respond to the needs of  children of the incarcerated in record numbers. These programmatic responses require information. Every aspect of service delivery from grant proposals to press releases to needs assessments to strategic planning benefits from having accurate data about the population of children and their families. Our Research and Review Section highlights some of the issues related to gathering and interpreting these data, as well as listing helpful studies to guide program and policy design and implementation.

This fact sheet gives our visitors quick and easy access to some of the facts that we feel are key to understanding both the needs of the children and families of the incarcerated and the obstacles they face in their lives.

Children and Families of the Incarcerated, 2014 Fact Sheet (PDF)