This section presents a wealth of resources. Whether you are a caregiver, child or family member of the incarcerated, a professional or a policy maker, you will find an item of interest in this section.

NRCCFI has compiled a list of helpful materials and presents them in an online library format. The Children of Prisoners Library and the Children of Prisoners Library with Spanish Translation focus on resources for people working with the children of the incarcerated. The Incarcerated Fathers Library contains resources on fathers that are incarcerated.

Directory of Programs
This is a listing of programs around the country and the world that work with children and families of the incarcerated. The listing is organized into Programs in States (Alabama-Missouri and Montana-Wyoming), National Programs and Programs Outside the U.S.A.

Fact Sheets
NRCCFI has combined various sources and compiled the most relevant data regarding children and families of the incarcerated

Notes and Proceedings from Conferences & Trainings
NRCCFI at FCN has organized and participated in many conferences. Read about the presentations and transcripts from a selection of these Recent Conferences and Archived Conferences.

Books & Films
NRCCFI at FCN has compiled a reading and viewing list of items of interest to children and families of the incarcerated and service providers.

Articles and Other Resources
Offers a variety of resources.