The “We Got Us Now” Season 2 Podcast Shines Light on the Impact of Parental Incarceration on Children and Families.

We Got Us Now is a National Advocacy Organization that is built by, led by and about Children with Incarcerated Parents. The We Got Us Now podcast is a series, season 2 being the most recently recorded season in 2022. The We Got Us Now season 2 shines light on families impacted by parental incarceration and their own firsthand experiences. 

Their mission is to tell the untold stories of youth who’ve experienced having a parent in jail or prison, to guide youth in similar situations and to advocate for change. 

There are 7 episodes in this season 2 podcast. There are episodes that are shared by youth who have experienced trauma due to parental incarceration. Episode 2 features a youth advocate of prison reform who helps guide young adults who have been in similar situations as herself. She does this by discussing stigma and shame associated with parental incarceration. Episode 3 features a researcher whose dissertation centered around identity and familiar incarceration. Episode 4 features the We Got Us Now founder and CEO, Ebony Underwood. This episode features a conversation with the Commissioner of the New Jersey department of Children and Families. Episode 5 features a Brooklyn district attorney and his work that surrounds preventive and accountability solutions in contrast to over-reliance on criminal convictions and incarceration. Each of these episodes provide a better understanding of the impact that parental incarceration has on children and families. This podcast also shines light on prevention methods and the importance of keeping families together and connected. 

For more information, the podcast can be accessed at this website: