Conversations About A Brighter Way Podcast (2023)


Season 1- “Welcome Home.” The episodes this season showcases the humanity of people who have been incarcerated by sharing struggles and successes, these stories will highlight the complexities of navigating the world post incarceration. Each person’s perspective is unique and by sharing their experiences, we hope these conversations will lead us towards- A Brighter Way. 


We Got Us Now Podcast (2022)

Check Out Our New Podcast, Video, & Webinar section that highlights the “We Got Us Now” Season 2 Podcast that is Built by, Led by and About Children with Incarcerated Parents

Diane Wallace-Booker of the US Dream Academy partners with Tatemen Entertainment to create a unique podcast (2021)

  • If only you knew 

During the winter of 2021, the U.S. Dream Academy brought together six young people committed to social justice, who gathered weekly to discuss how to help other young people who grew up in similar circumstances to their own — parental incarceration. Their purpose was to help heal, to educate, and to advocate for change in their community.

This visual podcast is the result of their work together.

There are 6 episodes led by directly impacted young people who transparently share their stories. Season 1/Episode 1 interviewed NFL star Kenny Clark who’s father was incarcerated when he was nine. Clark expressed how the 55-year sentence of his father completely changed the dynamic of his family. Through visitations and phone conversations Kenny Clark senior made sure to maintain a constant relationship with all of his children. This interview provides first hand accounts of how children with incarcerated parents are impacted at a young age. It is the first in a series on this podcast which promises to shed a light on the realities of youth impacted by our criminal legal system and the devastation it causes.
Two episodes include interviews with psychologist, Dr. Angela Charlton, who provides advice on having difficult conversations with parents and Dr. Whitney Hollins, educator, author and child of a formerly incarcerated father.





Julie Poelmann (2022)- Children with Incarcerated Parents

On the Wisconsin Channel in 2022, Julie Poehlmann, a professor in the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison, explains in detail how to safeguard children and the ways to prevent trauma to a child when a parent is incarcerated. Poehlmann also speaks on avoiding trauma when it comes to police interactions taking place in front of the child. She speaks about the importance of visitations and how this can impact the well-being of the child as well. 

Access the video from this website: https://pbswisconsin.org/watch/university-place/children-with-incarcerated-parents-cpkp0q/


Caring Through Struggle: Caregivers of Children with Incarcerated Parents Video

Part of the Echoes of Incarceration Project, young filmmakers with incarcerated parents set out to understand some of the hidden consequences of our nations approach to imprisonment.  In this first film, the crew journeyed to understand their childhoods being brought up by grandparents, and by extension, the issues caregivers face when raising a child with an incarcerated parent.  It involved tough questions, and some surprising realizations when a crew member realizes he has more in common with the grandmothers than he expected.  

Caring Through Struggle: Caregivers of Children with Incarcerated Parents


Echoes For Hire- Documentaries and Video Journalism created by young people directly impacted by the Criminal Justice System

The Echoes Collective offers affordable, high-quality photography and video production services for individuals and organizations.

Our crew brings:

– Intensive photography and video training, and a track record of creating polished, impactful work. 

– Fresh, playful, and creative approaches. 

– The ability to engage with a wide variety of subjects – especially youth, and those with direct experience in the criminal justice system. 

For over 10 years Echoes has been creating documentaries and training materials on the impact of the criminal justice system on young people.  Early on, we started getting requests to create work for hire, from people who saw energy, creativity, and high production value of our work. 

To date, the Echoes crew has produced for Carnegie Hall, Columbia University, New York University, The Mayor’s Office of New York, Brooklyn Public Library, New York State Office of Children and Family Services, and The Osborne Association, as well as filmed music videos, weddings, fashion shoots, training films, fundraising trailers, and live-streamed dozens of events.  

Our producers go through intensive 2-year video production training, and immediately start getting experience on the dozen or so videos we produce each year. All productions use professional equipment and are created in production teams that include veteran media producers.    

For more information and quotes send us an email.  


Watch Our Summer Series on Relationship Abuse

During our summer camp, we researched and produced three short pieces about relationship abuse.  The teams approached the topic from very different perspectives: gathering opinions from people on the street, exploring personal stories through poetic imagery, and creating an in-depth documentary on criminal justice responses to domestic violence.  We’re planning to develop this topic further over the coming year, but we were excited by what the teams could pull off in a few short weeks. See all three and subscribe to our Youtube channel HERE.



Center for Leadership Education in Maternal & Child Public Health (2021-2022)

Support through Separation-Coping with the Physical and Emotional Separation…for the Birthing Person

On 3 June 2021, Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE) organized a webinar entitled “Mitigating Uncertainty for Children: from Pre-Trial Procedures to the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The webinar tackled the critical issue of uncertainty for children who have a parent in prison and the impact this uncertainty can have on their well-being. Strategies to better support children, their incarcerated parents, and their caregivers were explored.

We heard from:

  • Dr Shona Minson, Centre of Criminology, University of Oxford,
  • Prof Peter Scharff-Smith, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo,
  • Prof Ann Adalist-Estrin, Director of the National Resource Centre on Children and Families of the Incarcerated (USA) 

To learn more, click here: https://childrenofprisoners.eu/cope-webinar-on-strategies-to-mitigate-uncertainty-for-children-with-a-parent-in-prison/

The webinar recording can be found below: