CIPL 101 Introduction to Introduction to Children of
Incarcerated Parents

CIPL  102 Why Maintain Relationships?

CIPL  103 Conversations- Questions Children Ask 

CIPL 104 Risk and protection

CIPL 105 Visiting mom or dad

CIPL 106 Jail and Prison procedures

CIPL107 Communication tips


CIPL 201 Caring for Children with incarcerated parents

CIPL 202 Questions for caregivers

CIPL 203 What Do Children of Incarcerated
Parents and their Caregivers Need?

CIPL204 Tips for Caregivers – from Caregivers 


CIPL 301 Impact of Parental Incarceration

CIPL 302 Challenges for Health Care and other Service Providers 

CIPL 303 Common Stress Points

CIPL 304 Different Children/Behaviors

CIPL 305 Strategies for Intervention