Ages and Stages: Topics in Working with Children of Prisoners and Their Families: CD Description

This is a three part series. Each CD is sold separately. Length: varied Type: telephone training Trainer: Ann Adalist-Estrin, NRCCFI at FCN Director Date: multiple Cost: $75 per CD This training is divided into three parts based on the developmental and familial issues that are typical for children of prisoners at different ages. Session 1 July 13, 2005 – Ages and Stages – Pre-schoolers: Responding to the needs of infants, toddlers and preschoolers with an incarcerated parent. Session 2 August 31, 2005 – Ages and Stages – School-aged: pre-teen children of incarcerated parents, themes and variations. Session 3 November 9, 2005 – Ages and Stages – Teens with incarcerated parents: issues concerns and strategies. Each session gives an overview of child development for the age group; includes a discussion of the impact of parental incarceration on the developmental stage and reviews typical symptoms of stress, behaviors that communicate feelings and age-related coping strategies. Practical ideas for responding to the needs of children of prisoners in a variety of settings such as home, childcare programs school and in the community will be shared. Interactive activities and discussion will include: what to tell children about the incarceration, preparing for visits, dealing with the child’s feelings after visits, loyalty conflicts and managing challenging behaviors. By focusing on a specific age group, the training will help parents and caregivers as well as professionals working with children of prisoners. Additional topics such as confidentiality, advocacy, and community collaborations will be geared toward agency staff working with children of prisoners and will include the perspective of parents and caregivers.