Working with Caregivers of Children of Prisoners: CD Description

Length: one hour Type: presentation Trainer: Ann Adalist-Estrin, NRCCFI at FCN Director Date: 3/9/04 Cost: $75 Synopsis: This presentation describes the essential things to know about caregivers of children of prisoners and the skills you need to develop to work more effectively with them. To help children of prisoners, it is vital to work effectively with their caregivers. The caregiver of child of a prisoner is perhaps the single biggest factor in the child’s quality of life. Caregivers often determine how much access that agencies and volunteers have to the child. They regulate contact with the incarcerated parent. Caregivers of children of incarcerated parents need:
  • Support and understanding from friends, family, clergy and the community
  • Emotional support such as individual counseling or group activities can contribute greatly to the ability of caregivers to cope.
  • Information about children of incarcerated parents as well as about services in the community.
  • Guidance about what is best for children and how to answer their questions.
  • Rules, boundaries and space in the home: for the children, for the family and for the caregiver.
  • Opportunities for respite care and relief from the duties of caregiving.
  • Help with managing the needs and services that are all too often fragmented, unavailable or costly.
Learn how to engage with and support caregivers more effectively. Identify strategies that work and those that are likely to fail. Assess your skills and your agency’s capabilities.